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ISOMETAL Crete is a combination of two building technologies, which utilizes the advantages of both technologies perfectly.

The system consists of a basic steel skeleton, which is set in high quality concrete (C20/25) and is thermally insulated on both sides by the formwork construction system ISORAST Hellas.

Steel skeleton building method + ISORAST formwork system

Steel skeleton building method

This is a complete steel skeleton from HEA, UNB, IPE beams and supports. The dimensions and types of all steel skeletons are computed, planned and controlled, in accordance with the strict standards and guidelines outlined by the Greek Building Ministery (Polodomiko).

All individual parts of the steel skeleton are manufactured and painted with laser-accuracy and delivered to the building site. It is completely installed by a qualified crete technician in only one or two days.

ISORAST formwork construction system

All external walls are built with the German formwork system ISORAST. The ISORAST elements consist of the material Neopor BASF GERMANY, which has a wall thickness of 4, 5 cm on both sides. Between this, is a cavity of 16cm. The total strength of an ISORAST wall is 25cm.

The steel skeleton will be fully integrated into the ISORAST- formwork system and filled with high quality concrete (C20/25). The steel skeleton will then be invisible.

Through the use of the ISORAST form-work system, we attain a 0, 25 K-value.

ISOMETAL construction

ISORAST is officially authorized in Greece under the number BM4/1.506/1984.